I’m working on a studio at the moment.  Small spaces are amongst my favourites, I love the challenge of allowing for every need and function a space will have to provide when you have a limited amount to work with.  This clever flat in Sweden demonstrates how to delineate space so that it feels bigger, using paper to separate the living area and create a sense of intimacy. More pictures here






Beautiful Balineum

I’ve long been a fan of Balineum, a London based bathroom company, (see evidence here and here).  Balineum is the kind of company I admire with a true vision for creating a brand that is carving out a niche as the best European supplier of beautiful bathrooms and accessories.  I don’t often find brands that totally align with my aesthetic and ideals but Balineum certainly does both wonderfully.  I believe in supporting companies who are not only making a difference in terms of innovation and the design and supply of products that enhance our interior environments but also have a positive perspective on consumption. An excerpt from their website:

“We believe that we have a moral responsibility to provide our customers with quality products that won’t need to be readily discarded or replaced”.

Their stand at Decorex this year was by far my favourite, it was sleek and seductive, like visiting a glamorous friends flat.  They had made a clever use of space, dividing it into three sections, showcasing their gorgeous washstands and accessories in interiors sets that were refreshing in their interesting and eclectic approach, using dark, sophisticated papers and contrasting this with a light and serene space.  Their new wall mounted cabinets were in prime position (see last photo below).  Flush to the wall at first glance they look like a rather lovely simple mirror but upon further investigation a small discreet knob reveals the hidden shelves.  Perfection.






Design Week

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